Friday 4 November 2011

:: let's hear it for Friday!! ::

Oh thank goodness it's Friday!!  The wine is in the fridge, waiting for 5.00 to roll around ...

In a nutshell, this week has been all about me and the Bernina.  Well, MY week has been all about me and the Bernina, plus all the usual happenings about the house.  Vee's week has been way more fun, I am sure there will be a blog post very soon ...!

Here's what's been happening at chez cat:

:: Monday was Halloween, which is big around here, even though this is Australia and not the US or England.  We had a few friends over for a mini-party in the driveway, and the kids trick-or-treated in our little street, thanks to lovely Eve (as in, Eve took a whole bunch of kids up and down the street while we sat in the driveway with bubbles).

:: Tuesday was Melbourne Cup - a girls' lunch at a local cafe, minus Vee who was actually AT the Cup.  She texted a super gorgeous track-side photo and we were all very jealous of her glamourousness and actually being in Melbourne.  We did have a really nice lunch though, and bubbles and laughs.  To my lovely friend K, who I know will read this, I ask ..... "has she gone?"

:: Wednesday, Thursday and today were spent sewing, sewing, sewing.  I've finished my six cushions and five mee-friend cushions - pics to come - it doesn't sound like much to type, but they took a looong tiiime to make.  Am really happy with them.  Will get pics over the weekend.

:: I've made thirty pin-cushions for our sewing-kits for market (some pincushions are stuffed, some aren't, and my lovely Mum is going to whip-stitch them all shut when she comes to visit this week ..... surprise Mum!):

:: I've made garlands and bunting to help decorate the entry foyer for the upcoming Twilight Christmas Market:

That's just the garlands - wool felt hearts, circles and a few other shapes.  A bit of tulle thrown in.  They're to hang in the front windows as you walk into the market, with a Christmas tree and some other decs underneath (but we're not doing them, thank goodness!).  The vintage tea-towel bunting up the top of the pic is from Cottage Industry  - a great shop in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (Melbourne).

:: today's other news was Teddy's first trip to the dog-grooming-salon.  Here's a photo-sequence - before, then after his desexing surgery when he was super-miserable in his bucket, and then this afternoon!! (can't manage to line the photos up next to each other, so suffer along with me, sorry): 

Promise I will try and develop some blogging photo skills, so there aren't big white gaps all over the place, with random photo placement.  Oooh, bet you can't wait for that. 

:: aaaaand, finally, keeping me company this week (apart from Ted, and Pip's blog - have been loving her cute carcasts) while the kids are at school, has been daytime TV.  

We're talking The Circle girls, and Ellen - particularly the day there was a repeat of the Nicki Minaj girls - love them ((and omg, in finding that link, I just discovered the Nicki Minaj girls will be back on Ellen next week! - so worth the watch)).  Had never heard of Nicki Minaj before seeing the two little girls on Ellen, so I learned something too ; )  

Yep, daytime TV is my sewing-friend.  It was my bad-back-friend for a few months earlier this year when I was stuck lying down with two prolapsed discs, and now it is my sewing friend.  I do love it. 

Happy weekend. 'til next time xoxo cat.

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