Saturday 25 February 2012

Coffee and Cockys

Whilst out and about for coffee with Cat a few weeks ago I found this gorgeous Hot pink tea towel by Bonnie and Neil. 

So cute in fact that unknown to me Cat had already bought herself one too.

I brought it home, washed it and ever since have been admiring it from afar.

I just couldn't bring myself to dry any dishes with it and couldn't cut into it either - so have made it into one ginormous 'Hello Cocky' cushion using some very groovy (I know...I have officially become old on soooo many levels) pink rippled velvet upholstery fabric that I've had stashed for a few years.

We definitely have major 'screen print envy' over these tea towels so watch this space.

.....all we need now is a little inspiration and a lot of wine.....

xoxo vee

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