Friday 23 March 2012

Haven't we been a pair of slackers!

Bloody hell! Sorry to Blaspheme...but it's been sooo long since our last blog post and I've obviously forgotten how to blog, photos won't upload.

Several bloody attempts and I GIVE up....patience isn't my strong point.

What I did want to say though is that Cat and I are taking a "blog and Etsy break" over the school hols to spend some time with family and maybe sneak in a bit of travel too - wait for pics!!

As soon as we are back in action we will 'make haste' (Mr Darcy) and start screen printing in our new workshop (Cat's garage! and I'm not sure Cat's hubby knows yet....SURPRISE).

School finishes next week so off for a girls' night out tonight with some of our friends.
 Just hope I'm not too trashed by the time everyone else gets there.  
As hubby has pointed out to me so many times....I've lost my pi$$ fitness!!  
 (Let me tell you, in my twenties I trained really hard to get that too)

Anyhoo....happy holidays, have a lovely weekend and we'll see you when we get back.
xxxx vee

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  1. well, yes, about time. I was getting a little bit stroppy. Every morning, I read my 10 or so blogs and reading the same blog from you over and over was getting tedious!! just to confirm, I was still suffering yesterday after Friday night's frivolity. Did I tell you I slept half night on garage floor on yoga mat??????????????


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