Tuesday 20 November 2012

:: thank you ::

We had a great time at market last Friday.

{{cushions, zip pouches, panels, sewing kits}}
Fuelled by our oh-so-cleverly-packed chocolate-coated muesli bars and water, we made it through the market evening.

{{teatowels, bracelet kits and Christmas decorations, sitting on the contraband extra-table we managed to snag}}
Lots of passers-by, lots of lookers (as in people-looking, I don't mean spectacular-looking-people, though perhaps there were a few of those too ...), and lots of buyers.

Lots of lovely comments and feedback.

Lots of our stuff went home with lots of lovely people.

{{are you loving the cute signs and cushion?!}}
So - thank you very much to everyone who was able to come along and join in our market experience.  

((I should mention that the above pics were all taken after we had finished our afternoon set-up, and before the market had actually opened ... a LOT of people come through the market ... honestly ... note to self, take a few 'atmospheric crowd shots' next time)). 

Our hot market favourite was our 'Normal Family' cushion - sold out, and we have had a few orders since.  

Over the weekend, the awesomely creative brain that lives inside Vee's head, came up with a few new - very clever, very funny, you need them on your lounge - cushion panel designs.  They have been sent off to Spoonflower and will be cut up and ready for our next market.  We will also upload panels to our Etsy shop (which has been looking a little empty lately).

Vee and I met for a coffee and debrief on Monday.  We have our printing and sewing lists sorted for the Brisstyle BiDM December 8 market.  We are ready to roll. 

Considering how exhausted we were by the end of the night last Friday, we think we'll be needing a little more than a couple of muesli bars and water to get through a whole DAY of marketing.   A little lie down during the day might be in order too.  

Hope your week has been a good one.  'til next time  xoxo cat

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