Monday 25 February 2013

.: AusModBee - Jane's blocks :

Jane of QuiltJane is the Queen Bee for February in our AusModBee.

Jane is amazingly clever, and created her own paper-pieced block called 'Refractatorium'.  

I was really daunted by this block, as I have not had much experience at all in paper piecing.  We're talking TWO blocks, each with 64 pieces!!  I was so nervous about mucking it up. 

Here's a little step by step of my progress (really wishing I took more pics along the way).

{{chain-piecing the B-triangles}}
{{a pile of nearly-done B-triangles}}
{{a B-triangle, waiting to be trimmed}}
{{one B-triangle ... out of eight}}
Isn't it magic, how the triangles come together! 

Jane's pattern was excellent - right down to her cutting instructions for all the fabrics - and Lorena very kindly posted step-by-step pics of her block-making-process on Flickr for all the bee-girls to see.  The pics were so helpful. 

Here's the back of the sewn-together blocks.
{{yet to remove the papers}}
{{I watched the Oscars while removing the papers}}
{{back of blocks, with papers removed}}
And now the finished blocks!!  I can't tell you how happy I am with them, and what a huge sense of sewing-achievement I feel.  After being so daunted by these blocks - take a look at them!! 

I love Jane's fabric choices - really love them - some fabrics are standard across all the blocks, and then there are subtle differences in the greens, blues and black-on-white prints (mine were the little birds and a Summersville crosshatch).
{{I love the four different pinks in each block}}
I should mention too, that I found Kerry's blog very helpful, with paper-piecing tips, and that through Kerry I found The Littlest Thistle blog - which has an excellent tutorial series called 'foundation paper piecing for the terrified'! - perfection. 

I am finally now brave enough to try some of the fabulous Sew-Ichigo paper-piecing patterns, and also Ayumi's popsicles!  So excited - I've long-admired Kerry, Penny (the Sew-Ichigo creators) and Ayumi's paper-piecing creations.  

Thanks Jane for an awesome block and challenge.  Now, pop across to Jane's blog and download a Refractatorium pattern to sew for yourself!     xoxo cat



  1. What an awesome block! Smart move on her behalf to have her bee make them for her;) Couldn't imagine piecing a full quilt of those on my own!

  2. They look amazing Catherine! I am a regular over at Katy littlest thistle's blog, she has a brilliant sense of humour (plus a load of talent!) xx

  3. Your blocks look amazing - this is going to be one stunning quilt!


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