Wednesday 5 June 2013

.: show time for the home-ies :.

The lovely Elissa from Kelani Fabric Obsession is taking our home-ies panels, as well as our Step Aside Coffee panel, to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney and Melbourne

Vee and I have been busy printing, packaging and sewing up sample cushions - and we are headed to the post office tomorrow to send it all to Sydney for the show (it's on 12 - 16 June). 

I wanted to take some pics of the cushions all together before they fly south - so I drove to Pillow Talk this morning - waited 20 minutes for it to open (I did have a takeaway coffee and instagram to distract me) - to buy a few size 18 cushion inserts.

Shame that Pillow Talk didn't have any size 18 cushion inserts.  Lucky that I had one at home.  So instead of a couple of pics showing you all the cushions ... start scrolling for 11 pics ... yes, 11 ... 
{{Priscilla, Queen of the 'Burbs - black on flax}}
{{Step Aside Coffee, loving the pom pom trim}}
{{Bela Hoo, purple on flax}}
{{Millie Mischief, blue on flax}}
{{Millie Mischief, pink on white}}
{{Finn McTrickster - our new colourway, red on flax}}
{{Finn McTrickster, orange on white}}
{{Pipsqueak, red on white}}
{{Lisey Meow Meow, blue on white}}
{{Bela Hoo, navy on white}}
{{Pipsqueak, red on flax}}
And here they are - dodgy night time lighting and a little blurry - all packed and ready to post.  Vee has all the panels at her house - she has been on a packaging frenzy.

Very happy to be sending a rather hefty package off tomorrow - and hope that Elissa and all the stall holders (and shoppers!) have an awesome few days at the Fair.     xoxo cat


  1. They look great! I can't decide which ones I want!

  2. If I had to choose a favourite, I am afraid I could not!! They're all fabulous!

  3. They all look amazing - love the patchwork borders around each cute panel!

  4. These look fantastic! Love them! Very inspiring.

    haha - my word verification was Very Sencho - yes they are!!!

  5. Fantastic. I need to make something with my panels. I'm afraid to cut into them. LOL


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