Saturday 12 October 2013

.: October bee blocks :.

Did you like how I just totally ignored a three-week blogging-gap by moving straight on into October bee-blocks?  I did too.  

We're back at school here in Queensland, after a really great two week break.  I drafted a post with some holiday pics, but that can wait a little longer.

First up to share - pink cobwebs for Leanne of Daisy + Jack for our Care Circle of do.GoodStitches.  The pattern is by Marit of Quilt It

Love this block - I love all the pink, and the effect that will be created in the quilt, once all the blocks are joined together - all the pink strips will form 'cobwebs', and the white parts will look like four-pointed stars.   

All the pinks are from my stash, and the white on white text is the fabulous Annie's Farm Stand by Lakehouse Drygoods Designs - I do love a white on white. 

And next - blocks for Penny Poppleton for our AusModBee, using the awesome Constellations fabric by Lizzy House. 

Love this block + the fabrics.  And how great is the white on white Pearl Bracelets?! - I think that colourway is called 'Bright Star' - it's by Lizzy House too.  

These will make a gorgeous quilt too, can't wait to see it sewn up.  Penny's blocks have already arrived at her house, but I haven't posted Leanne's yet - our friend T has joined the Care Circle *yay* and I need to show her my blocks before they head off in the mail.  

Hope your last few weeks have been great.  See you soon.  xoxo cat


  1. Love your blocks! I really need to do the Sept AMB ones too before I do Pennys blocks.

  2. Love the cobweb blocks! I still need to do the constellation blocks...hopefully this week!

  3. Love them all, especially the pink spiderwebs. I really want to make one of those quilts.


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