Monday 10 February 2014

.: The Wee Bee :.

I've joined a new bee this year!  I'm feeling very blessed + fortunate to be a part of it, as it's full of some completely awesome + amazing sewists from around the world.

Kristi from Schnitzel & Boo brought us all together.  Our little Flickr group is here.  We'll add a button to the side-bar very soon.

I'm first-up in the bee, and after much thought and leafing through quilty-books over cups of tea and glasses of wine, I thought that I'd most love each bee-lady to make me a house - any pattern or design, in their favourite colours, with a sweet something peeking out of the door or window, and all with low volume fabrics for the background.

These are the houses I sewed up as examples:

I think I'll turn these little houses into a mini for one of the girls.

Already, two gorgeous bee-ladies have sewn their houses for me!  Click here to take a look at Synnove's super sweet wonky, tall house (the little panda!), and here to see Kristy's sweet little house and her gorgeous blog post about it! - she's included our dog Teddy, my brother's dog Harold, a wee bee, and our house number - completely awesome, I love all the details.  I can't even believe it, I love both houses so much and I can't wait to see what everyone else sews.  Thank you so much Synnove and Kristy!  I'm thinking I'll be making a Wee Bee Village from all the houses - and I'll sew a little church and a shop to add to it.  

Happy Monday everyone.    xoxo cat

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  1. I think it was such a great choice for the first month of this fun little bee! I can't wait to see all the house together!!


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