Monday 1 September 2014

.: Make Modern magazine is out now! :.

Can you even believe it's September?!  August has flown by, and we are onto the homeward stretch of the school term towards the holidays, wahoo!

We are popping in to share that today is the launch day for the first issue of Make Modern magazine, Australia's first and only digital modern quilting magazine.  

We're excited to finally be able to share what our project is for Make Modern! - two new screen print designs, created especially for Make Modern, and four sewing-patterns!  
[such a fabulous 'welcome to the table' greeting, don't you think?!]
The placemat panels have been screen printed in black paint onto Essex linen in natural, and are in our shop now - in packs of two or four. 

In Make Modern, the reverse of the printed placemats feature our four sewn-words - they're our first-ever sewing pattern, and we have a heap of ideas for more patterns, so please let us know of any feedback you may have - good, bad or indifferent, we'd really love to hear it!  

We really are very excited about Make Modern - it's a big step forward for and celebration of modern quilting in Australia, and it really deserves lots of support.  If you haven't already and you're a little curious, please click through to Make Modern and check it out.  We say a BIG congratulations and wahoo to the awesome and lovely Jane, Kristy and Lara for dreaming up and now making-real Make Modern - we wish you ALL the good and excellent things.    
xoxo cat and vee


  1. Fantastic news guys and great tutorial! I've already been over and picked up the first issue and subscribed for the year! x x x

  2. You gals are da bomb! So glad this is a digital mag so I can download it from the States. Huge HUGE congrats!!!


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