Thursday 26 February 2015

.: Sew Together Bags :.

So I've been to QuiltCon and come home again - but before I download all my pics and put them + my thoughts into some sort of order to share, I thought I'd first share the Sew Together Bags + Australia! tote I took along with me.  Just quickly - QuiltCon surpassed every expectation I had, I can't tell you enough how much I loved it.  More on that later. 

First up for now - the Sew Together Bags! - I made four at once, two for me to take to Austin, and one each for my girls.  Exciting aside - I met Michelle from Sew Demented, the designer of the STB pattern - she and her daughter were staying in the same hotel. 

I made quilted panels for the exterior of all four bags, and made the 'Cat' bag a little bigger than the pattern, so I could take my 3 1/2 " x 9 1/2" ruler along for my class with Penny! (which was very awesome, will share about it soon).

Get ready for lots of pics - first up my 'Cat' bag - which I used for my sewing supplies.

And now my 'Try a New Hairstyle Crafting Genius' bag - so named for Ceri's fun 'Good Intentions' fabric and Shannon's Aunty Cookie girl. I took my pins for the QuiltCon pin swap in this one - and was rummaging through it in the lift at the hotel when I met Michelle!  And a little side note - the gorgeous Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids you can see below? - Heather Ross said in her lecture (oh how much I loved seeing Heather Ross and hearing her words!) that Windham will be reprinting Mendocino next year! 

This next bag is for my younger daughter - each of the girls chose their own colour palette and fabrics for their bags.  Choosing fabrics for the bags was by far the slowest part of the whole process!

And now my oldest daughter's bag.

I love these bags, once all the fabrics and zips were chosen, and the interfacing ironed on, they were quick to sew together.  I had a tricky time with the side panels, and my binding is a little wonky, but they're not up for any awards so that's ok.  Michelle's pattern is great, and I also referred to the excellent step-by-step guide on The Quilt Barn

I'll be back soon to share my Australia! tote, and THEN all my pics from QuiltCon.  Hope you've had a good week.  xoxo cat


  1. Welcome home! We missed you! No wonder you're tired, it doesn't look like you took it easy before you left. Hope you're putting your feet up and enjoying thinking about the fun you had. Looking forward to hearing all about it x

  2. Oh gosh they are all so fantastic!! It's a pattern that I MUST buy soon, I love how they look. So jealous of your trip to Quiltcon, cannot wait to hear all about it! xx

  3. I am partway through three bags and I too am finding the sides the tricky part. The Quilt Barn's tips are a life saver! I also liked using Crazy Mom Quilts zipper tabs - maybe something to try on your next one! :)

  4. they are all so perfect Cat - love all of the fabrics ! I'm going to make one for my mum for mothers day!!


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