Monday 20 April 2015

.: Cotton + Steel Giant Vintage Star quilt - wahoo! :.

Another quilt finished! - this is my Cotton + Steel Giant Vintage Star quilt, made from the super quick and straightforward tutorial by Jeni Baker.

I made it for two reasons - one, because I loved all the Giant Vintage Stars I've seen all over the internet, and two, to use a few of the Cotton + Steel fat quarters that I've been slowly accumulating thanks to the Pink Castle Cotton + Steel club.

The star is all made of Cotton + Steel fabrics, and the background is made from different favourite low volume fabrics - with just the sweet blue C + S tigers sneaking in on the bottom right - I just realised there's a whole little cat line-up going on there too, with Lizzy House's Catnap cats, and C+S lions and tigers, oh my.

I took the quilt with us down to Lennox Head for a few days, so I could do a little binding by the beach.

I even finished the binding in time to take a few photos on the beach on Saturday afternoon - but the steady easterly and late afternoon sun meant that they were not quite the relaxed, arty, beachy quilt pics I was hoping for - so we quickly took a few more in the backyard this afternoon. 

These next two pics came out great, since the quilt was safely folded and not snapping in the wind like a sail, ready to take off over the water.

I pieced the back out of a few more favourite low volume fabrics.

The binding is the same Dear Stella navy confetti print I used on my Bob Box

Kelly from The Quilt Machine did the quilting, and chose a really great edge-to-edge design that really complements the quilt, I love it. 

I'll definitely make another Giant Vintage Star - it's such a great pattern for highlighting some favourite fabrics - both in the star and background - and it sews together so very quickly.  I think next time I'll add a border to make it just a little bigger for a single bed.  This one is already living happily on the lounge.

Back to school for everyone in Queensland today.  Hope you've had a relaxing school holiday, and are ready for an awesome week.  xoxo cat


  1. I like that quilt design, it really showcases all the fabric nicely, sometimes I think it is a shame to cut up fabrics into small pieces and making a Giant Star gets around that rather nicely.

  2. It looks fantastic! I loved this when you first made it and I love it all over again now it's finished :). Definitely on my list!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt Cat! Love the C&S and your great pics at Lennox Heads.


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