Sunday 10 May 2015

.: Craft for the Soul :.

When you write a blog that pretty much includes only sewing + other makery-related goodness, the blog can be a little desolate and tumble-weedy when you don't have much time to sew.

So - I thought I'd share a little book-review with you - I've toyed with the idea of crafty-book reviews in the past, but have never put the dream into action (did that make you think of Howard Jones' song from the 80s? - did I just show my age there? - click here for a look-see - and also click here if you'd rather see my favourite Howard song, 'Life in One Day').

OK enough of Howard, let's talk about the wonderful Pip Lincolne's 'Craft for the Soul'!

I knew I'd buy Pip's new book as soon as I could - I have all her other books and love them - and in fact, it was Pip's first book, "Meet Me at Mike's" that was one of the things to start me off on my crafty path. 

This 'Craft for the Soul' book however is a little different - I was hunting for it in the Craft section at my local bookstore, but it was actually in their Motivation section! - I thought 'huh, interesting, what's it doing there'.  But now that I have read it cover to cover, I can tell you that it totally belongs in both Craft and Motivation sections - and there are some great recipes as well (so maybe there should also be a few copies in the Food section too).

I've been in a bit of a creative doldrums these past few months - perhaps the wonderful high of QuiltCon has sent me veering off track a little and I've been having trouble finding my feet and making plans - there's so very much I would like to make and do, but I have trouble prioritising time for it while the rest of life bubbles away and rolls on.

Pip's book has helped me turn the corner at last, it really has.  She talks about setting goals, making time to exercise, doing new stuff, getting ideas, writing your own mission statement, being yourself and lots of other inspiring and also practical things that really make so much sense.  

Pip gives great practical suggestions for working out what's holding you back in your creative life, and also for moving onwards in your own awesome way - I don't want to quote any bits of the book as I haven't asked Pip's permission to do that - but I promise you, it's such a positive, helpful, inspiring read, PLUS it has recipes and crafty things - so please pop to your local bookstore and check the Motivation and Craft sections (and maybe even Food too) to see if they have it.  Our local shop sold out, so had to order more in, wahoo!

Thanks Pip, for writing such a wonderful book that encompasses so many important things.  You are the best.

And in Mothers' Day news, I thought I'd sign off with a pic of Ted enjoying our Mothers' Day picnic in the backyard.  Hope you have all had a lovely Mothers' Day and weekend, and are looking forward to a fun week.

xoxo cat


  1. Curse those Howard Jones earworms! Thanks for the tip. I never go anywhere near the motivation section and would not have found it!

  2. Oh YES!!! I get what I call post-quiltcon-itis! I think it's SUCH a massive high to hit that you just crash after - I'ts almost three months post and I'm just now getting going again so I get this post! I bought a great Creative Live class on blogging by April Bowles-Olin and that's been the motivator for me to get going again, I think we all need something to help us along now and then. Thanks for sharing the book Cat. J xx

  3. Sold! I can't wait to get my copy and have a read. Thanks for the recommendation Cat :)


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