Thursday 11 June 2015

.: a little shop update :.

Just popping in to say we've reduced our t-shirt and also panel prices in the shop, so by way of joining in the party, here are a lot of photos for you to scroll through!

We would love to sell out of all our current designs, to make room for new ones, so when you get a minute, please pop across for a little look.

We are not even sure if we have shared all the t-shirt designs in this space, so here's a little reminder.

All our shirts - at the moment - have a quilting/sewing theme.

They're very light-hearted, and a bit of fun - and perfect to wear to a quilting class, sew day, to buy fabric, hanging out with like-minded friends, or just when you are sewing at home.

We created the #catandveesaidsew hashtag to go along with them.

The message board below was designed and made by our clever friends Katrina and Mark of Floral and Hardie.

We also have totes in the shop - they are a heavy canvas, and really great quality.  Here's a link to our 'I am a Maker' tote - since I can't find a photo on my system, which is kind of weird, but I figure a link is better than not sharing at all. 

And last thing to mention - nearly all our screen printed and digitally printed panels have been reduced too - we're keen to get some new designs happening, and so would love to sell all our current stock to make some room in our houses!   Here are a bunch of panel pics for you - some show the panels sewn into patchworked goodies (which are indicative only, as we now only sell the panels, not panels-sewn-into-other-things), others are just of the panels themselves - some may be sold out already - and not all our panels are shown below, there are more in the shop  - these are just the first panel pics I came across when scrolling quickly through my online photos. 

What a happy bunch of pics, don't you agree? :-)

Hope your week has been a good one, we are on the countdown to another weekend, wahoo!  xoxo cat

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