Thursday 1 October 2015

.: donkeys in jars :.

I have a donkey-loving friend, who I met through the magic of the Online World of Quilting and Sewing ('OWQS' ... it's a thing ... or it really should be, shouldn't it).

There was recently a little gift-makery happening for my donkey-loving friend - so my long-hoarded Laurie Wisbrun donkeys took a walk in their fancy gumboots and met up with Violet Craft's laid-back donkeys to make a set of coasters.  Although donkily-fabulous on their own, I wanted to raise the cuteness bar a notch or two, so the donkeys kept walking til they ended up in jars!

The jars are from Me and My Sister Designs' 'Buttons & Jars' pattern, picked up during my recent class with Barb and Mary.  I made the jars a smidge bigger than the pattern, so there was no chance of Laurie's donkeys losing a tail.

The jar-lid, background, 'shelf' and binding fabrics are all from Cotton + Steel.  The coasters measure about 8 1/2" x 9", plenty big enough for a cup of tea and a little snack.

What would you like to sew into jars, should the mood take you?  

The possibilities are endless - bigger, smaller, taller, shorter - so many things that the world needs to see sewn into jars! 

Happy to be back in this space, hope you have all been well and sewing all sorts of things, in jars or not!  xoxo cat

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  1. Your Donkey jars are adorable Cat and so perfect for our donkey loving friend!!


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