Monday 2 January 2012

:: postcard to Vee ::

Dear Vee

I just sat down with the laptop to cruise the blogs, glass of wine beside me.  No snack though - how virtuous am I - actually, not very, as you will soon see.

Oh man, I LOVED your postcard and pics - the mobile may have run down, but the camera-upload-cord is on duty!  I've got no pics to share online - was planning on some links, but the internet is mucking up, so I will hit 'post' without making the links.

Here's my responses:

:: the cuff - oh the cuff!! I love it, can't wait to see it, what a great find.  Looks great with the 'lucky' bracelet too. Gorgeous.

:: joining WW - yes indeed, I am planning on ringing them tomorrow to find out the local meeting times - will then text E to let her know too.  Bought a WW magazine today as inspiration ... and read it while drinking a cup of (sugarless) tea and eating tee-vee snack biscuits (not virtuous).  Husband is very pleased about my resolution to not drink mid-week, as apart from the obvious health benefits, he thinks it will be an excellent money-saving plan too.  Jeepers, it's not like I'm scoffing the fancy stuff.

:: the kids - hope you've got pics of the surfboard riding, can just picture her.  Can't believe the ipad didn't make the trip north! - there would be major withdrawal symptoms going on.

:: my kids - wait til you see their brand new 'crash mats', purchased at Riley Burnett in Lennox Head.  And we now have 3 big pillow pets and one pee-wee-pillowpet.  Didn't even know the pee-wees existed til now!  Got some great pics at Lennox, but not posting them here, surprise!, will show you soon.  Lennox was great - lots of rain, but that didn't affect us too much.

:: went and saw the Tin Tin movie today - I thought it was totally scary, but the kids loved it.  I did NOT have a movie-snack (virtuous) but I DID finish off M's cinnamon donut before the movie (not virtuous).

:: Eumundi - so glad you got to the markets, and how fab is that Berkeleouw Books! (and how impossible is it to spell.... ).  Love that bookshop, and the little coffee shop attached to it too.

:: SO looking forward to seeing you all soon - surely we can have bubbles and carrot sticks and some kind of health-ridden dip?  Ring me and we'll make a plan.  And do I hear birthday music in the air?

take care, love to all the family    xoxo cat

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