Sunday 29 January 2012

'Sensibility....a new iPad App!'

o.k....sensibility tells me that if it's POURING with rain on Sunday morning, that surely everyone in the house will want a sleep in. 

But..... someone forgot to inform our 3 year old of that.

"Sensibility?" he says excitedly (at 6 am, pouring, still dark) ...."have you downloaded a new game on the iPad?" !!

So...with time to spare this morning had an early cup of tea and have made a chair bag for my niece Lotte who is in Grade one this year.

(Mental!) Note to our 3 year old seems to know more about the iPad then anyone else in the house perhaps i SHOULD create a 'Sensibility App' that tells my kids it is (way) too early to get up and to please GO back to bed.  

After all, the iPad must know better than mum or dad!

Hope you've had a happy weekend and here's to a fun week ahead. xoxo vee

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