Tuesday 12 June 2012

:: bunkered down in BrisVegas ::

Another week has flown on by, ending with the perfect long weekend - cold and rain in BrisVegas, so we hung out at home, saw friends and family and did not much at all.  Loved it.  Here are a few pics. 

{mee friend kits, headed for Ireland - gosh it's a long while since we've made these}

{patiently waiting for the husband ... my husband, not Teddy's husband ... he'll sit like that for gee, whole minutes at a time, for no apparent reason, just waiting}

{hama beads, how we love you}

{chocolate + blackberry jam cake.  made this twice. and ate a lot of it.}

{made this for one of my kids' teachers who's headed for an England-holiday. Thought the V+A fabric was perfect}
see you xoxo cat

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