Friday 29 June 2012

:: new obsession ::

A new obsession.

Felt-balls.  Oh yes.

{{very hard to get a decent hallway pic at night-time}}

Bought a whole heap of felt-balls from this lovely shop last week, and they arrived with super speed today. I was quite excited when Frank (our local courier) knocked on the door with the box under his arm, and I realised what was INSIDE the box.  Frank however, was really not that excited - with a wave, he drove off pretty quickly.

We puttered around all day, enjoying the rare school-holiday sunshine, but then in the late afternoon, I stashed the kids in the playroom with the TV, put on 'The Help' DVD and threaded ball after ball.  Very calm, very soothing, much crafty fun. 

Really enjoyed it - it's great to have different little hand-sewing-type projects to do in spare moments in front of the TV.  Learning-to-crochet is on the list for next school term, so look out for updates on crocheting-ability.  I know you can't wait. 

Happy hols  xoxo cat

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