Thursday 5 July 2012

:: Hollywood on the Gold Coast ::

No sewing today.  The Husband took a day off work, in a nod to the school hols, and we went to Movie World.  Hollywood on the Gold Coast, apparently. 

Some pics.

{{stunt driving show for The Husband.  it was actually pretty awesome}}

And the rides.  The Superman ride in particular.  Good grief.  We are a family of ride-lovers.  Went on AAAALLLLL the rides at Disneyland several times and loved them.  A lot.   But the Superman ride at Movie World?  Too fast.  Too crazy.  Too much.  We got the obligatory 'ride photo' afterwards to keep and it's a cracker, but Vee and I just don't put face-pics on the blog.  Too shy.
{{got way wet on this ride - the ride-caboose is in the middle of that fountain. We spent $5 on the people-dryer afterwards and it was 2 minutes of sheer looooxury}}
{{it's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a Hedwig pillowpet}}

{{it's Hermione, it's a doll, it's a Hermione doll with angry eyebrows and no nose}}
We had a great day, lots of fun, loved it.  What's not to love about some family time, massive cartoon-characters wandering around waving at people, some crazy roller-coasters, and a Harry Potter shop? We've just been spoiled by having been to Disneyland.  Twice.  

{{love that Magic Kingdom}}
Happy nearly-weekend to everyone    xoxo cat

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