Monday 9 July 2012

:: who'd have thought it would be so liberating? ::

More hexies. 

I was getting worried all the texty fabrics were a little heavy on the cream/white/pale side, so I held my breath and started cutting into some favourite fabrics too.

Thought I'd be a bit scared, but I am loving letting some long-held favourites see the light of day. 

Meanwhile, I am just noticing the paleness of some of the fabrics in the pics ... mmmhmmmmmm.

More to come, lots more colour, lots more texty-fabrics, but I've run out of glue-refills. Need to find time to nick to the fabric-shop. 

In the meantime, the petal-stitching has started.

stay tuned xoxo cat


  1. Sew very cool! I love seeing this come together.

    1. thanks Amy! Loving the hexy progress - it's slow going, in fits and starts, but it's great to have a sit-down-on-the-couch/waiting for the kids project to do. Really enjoying it. see you, Cat

  2. You really are using some very very cool fabric. So jealous! Your quilt will surely be very hexy!

    1. thanks so much Marit! I'm making very slow progress - need to choose some more fabrics that don't need fussy cutting! Cat


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