Sunday 14 April 2013

.: if you like it then you'd better ... :.

... get one of MsCurlyPops Cam's awesome panels (when they are back in her lovely shop) and sew up a cushion.   And a cushion-buddy.

{{I so love this panel - Cam is so very clever}} 
{{bird, donkey(s), babushka, fox, moustache, chevron - ticks all round}}
{{cushion buddies}}

And for the backs?  Well, they really each needed a ring on it.

{{whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh}}

Here's to Beyonce being in your head for the next several hours.   Happy end of weekend everyone.  School's back for us in Queensland tomorrow - oh boo.   xoxo cat


  1. Haha these are ace!! I love the little ring :)

  2. Absolutely brilliant!!! Love your fabulous collection of fun fabrics.

  3. Lol.... that's fantastic!!! Ros from Sew Delicious sent me over and now I'm off to have a little browse around the rest of your blog ;-)
    Cass :)

  4. I absolutely adore what you did with these cushions - brilliant!


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