Sunday 21 April 2013

.: sewing with tiny animal forks :.

This has been the most beautiful weekend in Brisbane - gorgeous clear blue skies and not too hot.  Perfection.  

Just popping in to share the blocks I've sewn up over the weekend for the girls' long-overdue, long-neglected quilts.  I think I'm up to about 15 blocks each now, but it's been slow going.  I reeeeeeally want to finish them.  Really really really.  Need to put them at the top of the list. 

{{wonky star for The Blue and Yellow (and Red) quilt}}
{{wonky star for The Green and Purple (and Blue) quilt}}
{{churn dash for The Blue and Yellow}}
{{churn dash for The Green and Purple}}
{{the tiny forks ... do you spy the cat-buddies?!}}
You may have noticed the Bento Box fabric, in the middle of the stars and churn dashes.  It arrived during the week, from Hawthorne Threads.  The sole reason I couldn't go past a half yard was those forks.  The girls love sushi - and there's a LOT of sushi cuteness in the fabric - but I HAD to snap up those forks!!  The forks (well one each) go in the girls' lunchboxes every day so they can eat their fruit salad with them.  Even on days when 'fruit salad' means 'bunch of grapes'.  Things taste better when speared with a tiny animal fork.  

Hope your weekend has been very fun and sunny.  xoxo cat


  1. Great blocks! Love those little forks!

  2. My girls love eating their fruit with little bento forks too! And I love it because the forks encourage. More fruit eating :) love those Japanese stores like Daiso they have so much great bento stuff!! The blocks look fantastic!


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