Sunday 15 June 2014

Went to the Fish and Chip shop today in my Nightie….

Yes, that's right ….went to the Fish and Chip shop today in my nightie…

Had a very fruitful Sunday today.  
Managed a sleep in, finished sewing a lovely cockatoo cushion, weeded and tidied all the gardens, washed my car (all this before 1pm) and then this afternoon designed two cushion panels for my outdoor lounge (inspiration came from weeding amongst the river rocks in my garden whilst belting out garden-style Karaoke. Dog next door. Not. Impressed.)

Oh! and did I mention that I went to the Fish and Chip shop in my nightie. 
Got up this morning and whilst sewing thought 'Must get dressed….did the gardens and thought 'Must get dressed'…..washed my car and thought 'Must get dressed'…..

In the meantime got SO hungry, telephoned our local chippie, jumped in my car and realised when standing at the counter that I was still in my nightie…….

Kept my sunnies on. Perhaps they will not recognise me next time.

Anyways….pretty pleased with my outdoor cushion panels. 
I'm still in my nightie and having a wine…'Must get dressed in clean nightie'

xoxo vee
Designed this panel the other day after Cat came home elated from
a sewing day with Camille and Holly

Rolling Stones…..literally whilst I was gardening today

One of my fav songs at the moment by Milky Chance - Stolen dance
(Stoned in Paradise)


  1. Love the stones they look great :) I often see people grabbing take away on a weekend night in their pj's and have even seen a few doing their grocery shopping, Id personally wear them everywhere, warm and comfy my perfect combination for enjoyment :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely message. I think I need to buy some 'loungewear'!!! to take me from home to shops......Daggy checked flannelette just doesn't cut vanita

  2. ohh Vee I have to have the top one.... loving your work! I had a nighty day on saturday. I love those days! thanks for sharing a giggle. <3

    1. Hi kelly, I know.....can't wait for school holidays....the kids and I will spend at least 50 percent of our time in our jammies. The sewing machine panel arrives around the 27th of June. Thanks love xxx vanita


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