Monday 30 June 2014

.: how can it be the last day of June?! :.

This year is zooming past, it's way too crazy, how can we be at the end of June already?!  And it's suddenly so cold in Brisbane - which makes it even crazier that we saw our first-ever (and hopefully, only-ever) SNAKE in our backyard last weekend!  I'm shuddering remembering it all over again, just too hideous.

Today I'm sharing my blocks for Gina's month in our Care Circle of do.GoodStitches - made today, in the nick of time, on the very last day of the month!  I so don't like being late for anything, let alone bee blocks.  Gina asked for a colour palette of grey, navy, white and peachy-orange.  Our pattern this month is based on Micro Mod Shake Up by Alexia Abegg.

I was enormously happy to open out these Summersville + Castle Peeps/Lizzy House blocks to discover the house-and-car-lining-up-perfection! - I couldn't have planned it better!  

And now for my stars - these are for @marika_makes on instagram - and will soon be on their way to Canada.  Marika is very kindly sewing three quilts for the recently-orphaned daughters of friends of hers.  What a lovely, gentle blessing for those little girls at such a terrible, awful time in their lives.  If you can help by sewing up some stars too, please check out Marika's instagram stream - she has asked for red/yellow/orange/purple stars with grey/black/low volume backgrounds.  

Hope your week has started well.  I'll be back in the next day or two, to share all my pics from yesterday's Social Tote class with the fabulous Lorena!  I just need to stitch down my binding and then take a hundred pics, and I'll be ready to share!  xoxo cat


  1. Love your choice of fabrics. So glad I found your fab blog

  2. Mother Nature is such a ruiner at times. Yesterday I saw a black widow right where my hose it. And wasps.. tons and tons of them out front. My yard is my enemy right now.


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