Tuesday 1 July 2014

.: koala trio :.

I haven't yet shared all three of the koala minis I made!  If you've been here before, you'll have seen the minis I made for Camille and Holly already.  Reading Camille's awesome Australia Part 1 post last night has reminded me that I haven't shared all three of them together! 

If you follow me on instagram (I'm @hellofromcat), you will of course have seen all three of them already.  I started the middle koala up there, for gorgeous Pam, weeks and weeks ago, as a little thank you for such a lovely time when we met up in San Francisco way back in January!  I just never actually sewed him up into a finished mini though.  And then when I found out I'd be going along to Camille's trunk show and Red Letter Day class - and that her gorgeous friend Holly would be coming along too - I sewed up another two koalas! - and then set up a little koala-quilting-production-line to finish all three of them together. 

This one is Camille's - all in Bonnie+Camille fabrics, including the koala-grey - except for the Pam Kitty Morning white on white 'Recipe for Success', and the black/grey sketch.  And the tree-branches! - that's from the Lush Uptown line. 

And this one is Pam's - all the greens are Pam Kitty Morning, and the 'Recipe for Success' white.  The koala-grey is a gorgeous yarn-dye chambray from PolkaDotTea Fabrics.  His eyes and nose are the same black/grey sketch.  And the binding is a Lizzy House print. 

And this one is Holly's!  I should have mentioned by now, that the fabulous koala pattern is by the very-talented Kristy of Quiet Play.  I love all Kristy's patterns, they are very clever, well written and super-straight-forward to follow.  

And here are all the koalas together, before heading off to their new homes!  I loved making them for Pam, Camille and Holly, and I love that they are now living happily in different parts of America.  

Hope your week has been a good one so far.  It's a truly gorgeous day here in Brisbane today - not a cloud in the sky, and only about 20 degrees - just perfect.  xoxo cat


  1. I love my koala so much. Seriously DYING over it. You're so sweet to make him for me, he's the cutest. I have him in my sewing room where I can see him daily and think of you!

  2. I love these quilts and know a few kids who would love one. Pattern somewhere I hope!


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