Friday 11 July 2014

.: patchwork house-block swap :.

The lovely Angie, who blogs at GnomeAngel, is coordinating a house-block swap.  I've signed up for the international swap, so these six little houses will be heading off to three lovely ladies both here and overseas.  

I followed the basic pattern that Angie shared on her blog, with a few little changes so I could ramp-up the fussy-cutting opportunities, the TINY fussy-cutting opportunities - the windows are a half-inch square, finished!  Each house is 6 1/2" unfinished.  Here they all are one by one. 

I think this next one is my favourite - not one, but TWO Laurie Wisbrun giraffes!

They're all pretty busy, I know, but I do find it very hard to tone things down sometimes.  Too much colour, all the patterns, throw them all in together, I say!  I even had to specifically buy plain, white, solid fabric for the borders - I just never use a solid white, ever! 

The swap houses are due to be posted by next Friday, so check out all the happy little houses that are now popping up on instagram and Flickr - search for #patchworkhouseblockswap and #thefussycuttersclub.  Pop across too, to Angie's blog, to join in with her second Fussy Cutters' Club linky party, and take a look at all the fun fussy-cut creations that some very clever peeps have been making! 

Hope you have all had a great week - the school holidays have been perfection here in Brisbane.  Happy weekend to you all.  xoxo cat


  1. These are great, Cat - I love the fussy cutting on the outside, especially! You don't often see that. The giraffes are my favourite...

  2. These are gorgeous, I love all the details, I'm 3 down 3 to go and spending away too much time picking out fussy cuts LOL....maybe some of these are headed my way ;)

  3. They are so freakin cute!!!!!

  4. I love these houses! Because they have so much to see, happy colours and funny creatures! x Teje

  5. I love houses and adore yours, the giraffes are just wow. Must be the week of the house, Im chewing through my scrap basket with my dip and pick method to get them done :)

  6. As always I am in awe and envy of your mad skillz! I love the giraffes! I haven't started to make mine yet (I have to make 12!!!!) and this might just have given me the push I need. ;) Thanks so much for linking up and sharing.


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