Thursday 2 July 2015

.: catching up on bee blocks :.

Term 2 was some kind of crazy frenzy for us, so I fell a little behind on my bee blocks - this is really rare, as I hate being late for anything, ever.  So I spent Monday - the first official day of the school holidays - sewing up my bee blocks. 

For our Care Circle of doGoodStitches, Leanne asked for polka-dot quarter-circles (for May! ...), and emailed us all a template she had created in EQ7.  The polka-dot background could be any polka-dots, any colours.  And the quarter-circles had to be any-colour solids. 

Leanne also had July for our Care Circle (June was a rest-month, thankfully, otherwise I'd be sharing June blocks with you now too!).  These scrappy plus blocks are from this tutorial on the Bernina website, by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts.  How cute will both these quilts be?!

And last up are Ocean Waves blocks for Rachel, for our Sew Sisters bee (which is made up of some of the girls from our Care Circle).  Rachel is currently working her way through making all the quilts in Denyse Schmidt's wonderful Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration - there's an awesome #quiltthebook hashtag going on on Instagram.  Rachel has already made + received quite a few blocks, and the quilt is looking fabulous already. 

OK so that's me caught up until our next Care Circle month in August, and whoever is up next in our Sew Sisters bee for August/September.  Next on my list is finishing my Riley Blake challenge quilt for the MQG's latest fabric challenge.  xoxo cat


  1. Hooray for getting caught up!! I don't like getting behind either! Can't wait to get my hands on those awesome ocean waves blocks!!

  2. love your bee blocks Cat - can't wait to put these quilts together !! also love your blocks for Rachel, that is going to be a gorgeous quilt too !! thanks for reminding me about the Riley Blake challenge - must start mine this weekend !!


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