Sunday 9 August 2015

.: time doesn't just fly, it zooms :.

So time flies, doesn't it?  Really super fast and without stopping.  It's over a month since we've been in this space, and there's so much to catch you up on, but for today, here's some sweet kittens from Elizabeth Hartman's 'The Kittens' pattern.

They're really cute, aren't they? - I love this pattern.  In fact, I love all Elizabeth's patterns - they are really fun and incredibly clear and well written.

I'm going to try Elizabeth's rabbit pattern next - though before that, I need to sew up a giraffe to go with the orange kitty - all will be revealed on that little project in the next week or so.  The red kitten will become a little doll-mini for my youngest.

And seriously, how cute are the tiny pandas! - they're by Alexia Abegg, from her latest range with Cotton + Steel, called Paper Bandanas.

OK back to time going fast and all that.  Hope you've had a great weekend.  xoxo cat


  1. Hes too cute and funnily enough I was looking at these patterns last night :) I truly believe time speeds up once July is done and dusted :/

  2. Your kitties are very cute Cat - I have only made the foxes so far but love all of Elizabeth's patterns too.

  3. Love these cute kitties! I've got the rabbit on my to-do list as well. Loving those pandas. There's some seriously cool fabrics available at the moment.


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