Friday 23 September 2011

..... could i just have a bloody cuppa IN peace!

School Holidays......really....could I just sit down for 5 minutes IN PEACE with a cup of tea.  Noooo.....and look, what a shame! it's 4.30 so I feel a wine (whine!!) is in order.

First week of school holidays....started so well.....'sewed up a storm' on the first 2 days. Xmas Markets (8 weeks to go) looking fabulous as only have to make 151!!!! things each to sell on our cat&vee table.

day 3....woke up with a cranky back and neck....pulled out the dusty old fit ball from the spare room and thought it would be a great idea to do some ('creaky') yoga poses over it.  Back went into spasms and cramped, got stuck in my upside-downward-dog?? pose,  fell off and cracked my elbow. Called good friend Evelyn whilst sobbing through 'girly tears' over the phone.  She came to my rescue and took kids out for the day. (love you E).  Now in 4th day of physio. Not allowed to sew for 2 weeks.....bloody xmas market list.

Thankful today for :   My awesome sister Sharm - we appreciate the plug, My partner (in crime and sewing!) Cat for the delicious morning tea, the vet that 'fixed' Cat's dog Teddy today (he won't be able to accost and jump on the small children for a week or so!!) My kids who have trashed my house and turned it into a golf course and my iPod which has saved my sanity over the holidays.

Not so thankful for: the dent in my hallway wall from the golf ball, having only one bottle of wine left in the fridge, the kids complaining about having cereal for dinner...and oh yeah....the 3 year old having a tantrum because he's not allowed to use the iPad!!!

One week left of school holidays ...oh happy days....xoxo vee photos of 'Teddy'  but vet talk bought back fond memories of our once irish terrier 'Jerry' who ripped up an ENTIRE lounge chair in protest after he'd had 'the' operation. (he was poo-ing foam for a week!!) Still love you Jerry. xxxx

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