Saturday 24 September 2011

happy weekend

Oh, I was loving reading Vee's post last night - nothing like kids to derail the sewing to-do list ... though a pinched nerve in your neck will do it every time too! ... rest up, Vee, and stay away from the sewing machine.  And the fit-ball.

Teddy's home from his 'fixing' surgery ... and can I just say ... I didn't realise he'd be quite this sad, sorry and sore - what planet have I been living on?  He is absolutely the definition of 'mournful'.  Here is Teddy 'before' the surgery, looking quite the muppet:

And here he is this afternoon, wearing his 'bucket' ... at least we are able to make eye-contact now:

We had a very lovely picnic in the backyard this afternoon:

And I nipped off to one of our local quilting shops to buy some batting - thanks for your help and the lovely chat, Jenny! - somehow, I have SIX quilt tops waiting to be turned into quilts.  It's not like they're massive quilts though - three are single bed size, and three are throws.  I'll post pics when as they're finished, hopefully very soon for at least one of them, since it's a pressie for our sweet friend Rosie.

And now, I'm settling in with a glass of wine and my dottie angel book (purchased here). dottie angel arrived yesterday (via Vee-mail ... Vee collected our mail for us while we had a couple of days away  here - thanks Vee x).  I can't tell you how much I love dottie angel  - please track down a copy of her book - it's just gorgeous, full of Tif's lovely words and thoughts, and heaps of crafty how-to's.

Happy weekend to everyone          xoxo cat

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  1. oh, you two make me laugh! loveliest blog posts in a long time. So unpretentious and honest. Poor teddy, hope he's on mend. Poor vanita too - hope the spasms are better. see you next week xx


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