Monday 26 September 2011

what's on your head?

OK, so we thought Teddy's 15cm head-bucket was big ...  It's nothin'.  Not compared to his new 20cm head-bucket.  Here's Teddy looking thrilled with his new headwear:

We took Ted to the vet this morning - he's been beyond miserable all weekend, so I was getting worried something was wrong.  Nope.  He's fine.  Just a sensitive soul.  A sensitive soul who is need of a bigger head-bucket, to keep him away from his stitches.   You can imagine the happiness levels around here at the moment.

Anyway, since Ted's now doing this:

 I've taken the chance to start cutting up fabric to make into coasters and sewing kits, for our Christmas Market stall - it's on 18 November - far enough away to not be scary, but close enough for us to want to get as much we can done during the school hols.

I've been sorting my scraps into my apples too - picked them up in Kingscliff last week, while we were there on hols.  Not sure of the name of the shop, but it's on the main street, just up from the very fab Boardwalk Books.

Hope your day is happy and free of head-buckets.        xoxo cat

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