Wednesday 19 December 2012

:: ho ho ho, said the gnomas ::

So I made my girls a new Santa sack each.

I carefully cut into my hoarded-and-oh-so-loved stash of Winterkist and Holiday Happy, two of my favourite-ever fabric lines, designed by the gorgeous and clever Monica of Happy Zombie.   

{{guess what girls, you each get a cushion!!}}
I used the laundry-size from In Color Order Jeni's awesome Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern.  There is a basic drawstring-bag size in the tutorials-tab of Jeni's blog, but it's really worth buying her pattern (downloadable as a PDF from Jeni's shop), as it provides cutting-instructions for about 8 different bag sizes.  The laundry-size is the biggest.  It will fit the most pressiess, Santa.  Just sayin'. 

{{gnoma love}}
{{more gnoma love}}
I love Jeni's pattern, as you get to choose a feature fabric AND an extra feature fabric AND THEN your lining gets to show off too! 

{{gnomas showing off}}
One more look at the Holiday Happy.  It doesn't get to come out much, as it lives in my fabric cupboard.  Bit by precious bit, it is seeing the light of day.    

Last pic:
I'm off to make another few of Jeni's bags - smaller ones.  One more each for the girls - they've chosen their fabrics.  Though I did have to veto Heather Ross' purple unicorns being chosen for the bag lining, as those precious unicorns needs to live in the fabric cupboard waiting for another day.  They will be in good company, hanging out with the gnomas.  

Hope your 6-days-and-counting week is going well.  xoxo cat

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  1. I love making those bags!!! I just had a Christmas dinner with some girlfriends last night and presented one her gift in one of the bags; they're my favorite! I've started using twill tape for the drawstrings and that works nicely too. :)


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