Thursday 6 December 2012

:: real life will resume shortly ::

Ohhh the blogarama has been put in the corner like Baby as life rolls on.  As we all know, no one puts Baby in a corner.  So we're ba-ack ready to have the time of our lives. 

Our second-and-last-and-that-is-enough market is on this Saturday - the Brisstyle Indie Designers' Market, 9.00 am til 4.00 pm in the grounds of St Augustine's Church, on Racecourse Road in Hamilton. 

It's a seriously fabulous market - we have both been as shoppers before, but this will be our first time as stall holders.  The gorgeous Helen, Belinda and Sam have done an amazing job coordinating the market - they are seriously magic-makers - and we are very excited. 

You can find us in the courtyard entry way into the hall - right by the toilets in fact, so stop by on your way to the loo.  Handy.  We're hoping people drink a lot. 

We'll have teatowels, ipad zip pouches and panels, panels and more panels.  Cushion panels in 8 designs, plus our homies.  Too much Christmas shopping is never enough. 

In other sewing news, I have finally finished the two bags that will be our school teacher pressies this year.  Many pics follow.  Starting now. 

{{a super big laptop zip-bag}}
Can I please just say - do notice the straps and zip - yes, I have finally figured out how to do a zippered bag WITH sewn-in straps.  I'm surprised there hasn't been more fainting over this significant piece of news. 
{{yes, a subtle reference to our lovely teacher originally being from England}}
{{the bag - note the 'B for blackboard' ... no 'W for whiteboard' or 'S for smartboard' though ...}}
{{detail - loving the computer keys and the France map}}
{{the lining and pocket - how much are we all loving the Melody Miller typewriters, eh?}}
{{a tote bag.  no zip.  red is the theme}}
{{more red.  more Melody Miller}}
{{Amy Butler lining and pocket}}
{{the back of the red tote bag}}
{{the students, with aching arms, holding their pressies for their teachers, before I let them finally hop into the pool}}
OK.  We'll be back with a market wrap up, and an update on our Secret Santa Swap.     xoxo cat

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