Sunday 9 December 2012

:: the one about the markets ::

Our market career has started, peaked and quite possibly may be over.  Well, for 2012 anyway.

{{our market hotspot. literally}}
We set up shop at the Brisstyle Indie Designers' Market yesterday, in the gorgeous grounds of St Augustine's Church in Hamilton.

We had an awesome little corner of the market.  Honestly.  It's just that in Brisbane's hideous hot humidity, Vee and I baked like Christmas chickens.  We so glam. 

{{cute, right}}
It was lovely to see the Brisstyle girls again, and to meet so many new Brisstylers too.  It is such an awesome organisation, coordinated by such gorgeous women, who are so generous in giving their time and energy to supporting and helping the crafty types of Brisband and beyond.

{{how could you not go crazy for that?!  the coffees weren't for sale}}
The market was quiet as a mouse though.  It had been incredibly well advertised.  Amazingly well.  But it was just Quiet City. All day.

{{nice rack}}
On the upside, the quietness meant that Vee and I had plenty of time to tag-team shop the gorgeous stalls.  Seriously, there was SO MUCH great stuff to buy.  And buy, we did. 

The only purchase that I have photographed - so far - are these gorgeous little jugs from Raw Ceramics.  Come oooonnn.  How cute are they?  Love them.  All for me.

{{so gorgeous.  so buying more.}}
So that's us done with markets for now.  On the upside, due to Quiet City, we have lots of gorgeous stuff to upload to the shop.  Which we're tag-team doing right now.  Due to the oh-so-slow internet connection in our part of Brisbane, the uploads will probably take us into tomorrow.  Allowing time too of course for proper concentrating while 'Homeland' is on tonight.  

We'll do a quick post to let you know when we've uploaded all our new shop stuff - because we are talking a SALE - yes, our first ever SALE.  Get excited.  Get shopping.   

Happy last week of school to you all.  Even if it's not even your last week of school.  It so is ours!! 

xoxo cat



  1. Eck! That's the thing with markets. You just never never know if you never never go.

  2. I hope you still have some of those "family" cushions. Need to get my hands on one of those (not for us of course :) ). THanks for all the entertaining comments. I love your blog style.


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