Thursday 3 January 2013

:: new year sewing ::

I made a mini-quilt for Alice Shine, the American Girl doll belonging to my youngest.  

My 'instructions' were to make a house, using mainly purple, pink, blue and orange.  


{{Out to Sea mermaid answering the door. Kei Kerchief girl looking out the window}}
{{poodle wondering how to sneak inside}}

The quilt was just about fat-quarter size, so I used a pink + spots fat quarter from the stash for the back, and added in our label and a sweet piece of twill tape that reads 'because I love you'.
I'll take a pic of Alice Shine, the AG doll, all wrapped up and ready for the Brisbane summer.

In other sewing-news, I've made a fabric scrap-bucket from the pattern in Sunday Morning Quilts, by Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl Arkison from Naptime Quilter.

I figured I'd start with purple, since that's my smallest scrap-colour pile.  I wanted to make sure the buckets were big enough for all my scraps, before I made more.  The pattern was great, really easy to follow, and I am definitely making more - in fact, I've started on red and pink this afternoon.  The fabulous lining fabric is washi-tape by Amy from her PennyCandy shop on Spoonflower.

And speaking of Amy - a big box of goodies arrived yesterday from her, all the way from Seattle.  We'd done a little Christmas swap.  Amy has been SO generous, thoughtful and kind.  She is such a talented designer - the card and gift-tags are hers.  I'm really wishing I'd bought some of those tags, they're awesome.  I still haven't taken good pics of all the goodies from the box - will post them when I do.

{{Holly Jolly for me, Be Merry for Vee}}
I love that Amy included a box of Lucky Charms for the girls.  I'd mentioned once in an email, how much we loved them when we were in the US (what's not to love about toasted marshmallow-charms for breakfast?!), and she's filed that little tid-bit away, to surprise us with now.  I was so blown away by the package, and feel so blessed that Vee and I have made this gorgeous friend through the magic of the internet.  

Last pic.  I made a little Hello Kitty heart as part of a swap.  It's a surprise, so I won't say any more now.  It's kind of cute though, in its own little wonky-way - I am loving the Hello Kitty cat mixed in with pink flowers from the lovely Leanne of TheLittleHouseMartin and Melody Miller typewriter keys.

OK.  Time for a gin and tonic, which is my new drink, since it has less calories than wine.  ;-)  Always happy to share handy household tips with you.  

xoxo cat

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