Thursday 3 January 2013

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Happy New Year, and may 2013 being good health, peace and happiness. 

We've had a really relaxing, quiet and happy time over Christmas and New Year.  Our family alternates between my and my husband's families each Christmas.  This year it was my family's turn, so we headed to Lennox Head to join my parents, brothers and sister, and their families, to celebrate my Mum's birthday on the 23rd, and then Christmas Day.      
{{Lennox Head, taken from the boat-channel, where the kids swam each day}}
{{super-creepy 'Welcome to Lennox Head' Santa.  why the black eyebrows and mustache?!}}
I grew up in Lismore, about half an hour from Lennox Head.  My parents built a little house at Lennox when I was about 10.  It's changed a lot in 30 years, though it's nowhere near as busy and over-crowded as nearby Byron Bay.  There are some great places to eat, shop and drink coffee.

{{make a wish - outside the bookshop on the main street}}
{{street window of Riley Burnett - surprise - also on the main street}}
We always buy new pyjamas for Christmas.  The girls were ready for Santa, thanks to Peter Alexander.

{{baby reindeer?}}
We were back in Brisbane for New Year's Eve, and had our own mini-celebration - we finally saw Skyfall (gotta love Daniel Craig), and then had dinner at the Barracks, ice-cream on the way home, and then sparklers in the backyard just to confuse Ted.

{{in love with these lamps ... need to go back during shopping-hours}}
Hope your Christmas and New Years were fun and relaxing.   We'll be back soon with some pics of the sewing that's been going on over the last few days.   xoxo cat

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