Friday 25 January 2013

:: Spoonflower contest!! ::

Hello Gorgeous cushion by cat&vee
{{no crackers for me, thanks}}

Just popping in to share that Vee has entered Hello Gorgeous into Spoonflower's weekly fabric contest!! 

We would love it if you would pop across to Spoonflower and vote for Vee's fabulous Hello Gorgeous design.

It's a really straightforward process - click to go to Spoonflower's home page. Then click on the 'connect' tab and then the 'weekly contest' hyperlink.  Once you're on the weekly contest page, you click on the 'Australian Animals' link.

To vote, you just click on each design that you like {or only Hello Gorgeous, if you want to ;-) }.  In the Australian Animals contest, there are 11 pages of designs, so just click through all the pages and designs, voting as you go.  At the bottom of the last page, you write in the verifying text, and that's it.  A box saying something like 'I'm done voting' will come up, so you click that too.  

That's it - super easy - you don't have to enter in an email address or register with Spoonflower or anything like that.  

Thanks so much, fingers crossed!!        xoxo cat

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