Sunday 3 March 2013

.: latte to go :.

Thanks to my new-found paper-piecing skillzzz (yes, with a 'z') - courtesy of Jane's amazing AusModBee blocks, I thought I would try the 'Latte to Go' pattern, to make a coaster.

How cute is it!?!  The very awesome pattern is by the talented ladies behind the Sew-Ichigo paper-piecing designs - Kerry and Penny - please click through and stop a while to read Kerry's and Penny's lovely blogs and take a look at their gorgeous creations. 

How good does my Andy Warhol bug mug look sitting on the coaster?  I fussy-cut a little take-away coffee cup out of a Heather Ross print for the middle of the cup (part of a Munki Munki pyjama leg - yes, really - I've had for ages, bought from SewDeerlyLoved).

The top of the cup is a maths-grid print from Andover.  The pink starbursts are part of Prints Charming's fabulous range for Spotlight.  And the orange is Timeless Treasures sketch. 

I loved making this pattern, and think there will be many more lattes-to-go in my future.  Even though my take-away coffee of choice is actually a skinny-cino ... Hope your weekend has been relaxing.  xoxo cat

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  1. This is so cute - love how you fussy cut the coffee fabric. I am definitely a Latte girl too:)


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