Saturday 9 March 2013

.: taming the stash :.

So my fabric stash is a bit out of control.  To put it lightly.

Which isn't helped by my bad habit of NOT neatly folding and putting fabric away as I finish each project.

Instead, I just toss the fabric onto a pile at the end of my sewing-table.  Sometimes I fold it before I toss it.   Sometimes I don't. 

Here's a snap of the fabric mountain at the end of my sewing-space yesterday.
{{can't believe I'm showing you ... }}
Shocking, right?  And that pic doesn't really do the mountain justice.  

So, today I started on an epic ironing-and-folding marathon, based on Sew Fantastic Terri's tutorial and using these:
{{archival boards for storing comic books}}
Terri's suggestion was for another brand, available from Amazon - but I wanted to try buying them within Australia, so I googled until I found this shop - which is in my hometown.  I didn't want to wait the two weeks for international delivery, and also wanted to shop as locally as I could.  Without leaving my lounge.   I bought them last weekend, and I think they arrived on Tuesday - super quick.

Much of today has been spent ironing.  And folding fabric onto mini-bolts.  And separating fabric into piles to donate and possibly de-stash.  I'm not even halfway there, but it's time to stop for a glass of wine. 

Thought I'd share my current favourite two piles with you, before heading to the fridge: 

{{Melody Miller}}
{{texty prints on neutrals}}
I am determined to keep going til my sewing space is clear and tidy.  That could take a while.  

Hope your weekend has involved more fun.  And much less ironing.    xoxo cat


  1. Mmmmm they look good! I really need to do this with my stash - does it take a long time?

  2. Great idea! I have bookmarked them so I can get some boards soon too!

  3. This is such a great idea - I need to get more organised as I waste too much time looking for a piece of fabric that I know I have here "somewhere":)

  4. I can't wait to do this! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! Going to the comic book shop tomorrow... ;-)


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