Saturday 30 March 2013

.: one more sweet pouch :.

Happy Easter weekend to you all! - how is your consumption of chocolate coming along?  Very steady here - the odd little egg or two with a cup of tea ... several times a day ... 

I'm popping in to share pics of one more sweet pouch for the gorgeous Ros' Sweet Pouch Swap.  The lovely lady this is headed to, indicated that she liked greens, pinks and owls. 

{{Pam Kitty Morning button card}}
And the all-important 'sweets' part of the 'Sweet Pouch Swap' - I've gone with my favourite Green & Black's milk chocolate and The Natural Confectionary Company Party Mix.  And since it's Easter tomorrow, I had to include a couple of Malteaster Bunnies - good grief, I've scoffed my fair share of them in the last month.  And as the 'local area' postcard, I chose one from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which is a well-known koala / kangaroo / wombat / Australian-animals-a-thon attraction. 
{{ready to go}}
Happy Easter to you all, hope the Bunny finds you safe and sound.   xoxo cat


  1. That is a wonderful pouch, love the colors!! And the sweets look yummy too. Happy Easter to you too :)

  2. Such stunning fabrics! Thanks again for being so generous :) xx


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