Wednesday 22 May 2013

.: Mad Quilters :.

{{my favourite folded panel}}
So it's been a little quiet on the blog-front these last few days.

Vee and I have been printing, ironing, cutting, folding, stickering (are you loving our new stickers?) and packaging.

This morning, we dropped off all these panels to the lovely Sharon and Jenny at Patches, ready for their trip into Mad Quilters tomorrow afternoon.

Mad Quilters is on at the RNA showgrounds this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I will be there on Saturday, helping out on the Patches stall - so please stop by and say hello if are Mad Quilting. 

Time to catch up on some sewing.  Hope your week has been a good one.  xoxo cat


  1. Waaah I want to come to Mad Quilters! Hope you sell LOTS! :)

  2. It all looks fantastic! Love those stickers :o)

  3. Hope I get to say hello! How much are the panels?

  4. oh just LOVE LOVE!!

  5. You have been so busy organising all of these cute little packages - wish I could make it up to Brissie !

  6. This is awesome! I love your stickers, by the way. I love the "I Like Big Butts...."


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