Thursday 30 May 2013

.: May AusModBee blocks for Kirsten :.

We have taken such a printing and packaging detour lately that I haven't had much time for sewing - I've really missed it!

With one day to go til the end of May, I finished Kirsten's feathers, using Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee.

I did make a little cutting error, so bought a few emergency quarter metres from TQES to finish making the feather pieces (pretty happy about that actually, as now I have a nice little Chicopee stash!).

The only other mistake I made - apart from faffing about with sewing the 'B' pieces to the bottom of the feather pieces - was to get my outside 'F' pieces round the wrong way.  Had to do a bit of unpicking and re-sewing.  

I really love the feathers - Lorena's feathers from January, made from Anna Maria Horner fabrics were just gorgeous, and now Kirsten's from Chicopee are so beautiful too.  The finished quilts will be fabulous, won't they?!

I should add too, that I gave the blocks a final iron after I took the pics.  Mental note to do the final iron before taking the blog-pics next time ...

And as I didn't show you earlier (after I'd met up with Kirsten for a coffee when we headed south into NSW for my Dad's 70th) here's the super-sweet little zip pouch she made me, from Amy Butler fabrics.  I did mean to take pics of the zip pouch WITH the feathers - but nooooo, I forgot.  So here's the zip pouch sitting on top of the big, sealed envelope that contains Kirsten's feathers.  Photo-styling ideas? - I'm full of them. 

Hope your week has been a happy one - we're nearly at the weekend again, yahhh!!  xoxo cat


  1. Beautiful! Great feather and I love that cute zip pouch!

  2. Love these feathers! The fabrics seem a bit more vibrant than the last ones we made....I am going to try to start mine tomorrow.

  3. The feathers look lovely Cat! I mixed up the F pieces when I was making the feathers for Lorena too.

  4. You could say that patchwork pouch is your own version of a "tough bag"! Lovely feathers as well.

  5. Every feather block I see is cool. Yours are no exception!


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