Sunday 26 May 2013

.: Mad Quilting :.

Mad Quilters was held over this past weekend, at the RNA Showgrounds (see this post for Mad Quilters and RNA links).  I had a lovely time helping out on the Patches stall with Sharon and Donna yesterday.  How fab did Sharon make it look?!

{{I probably should have moved that brown blanket for the pic ... }}
 It took me a while to notice that Sharon didn't put baby in the corner.

Bec - who is only 19!! and who works part-time at Patches - made the gorgeous 'Hopscotch' quilt up there, from the Happy Go Lucky fabric line.  The quilt is just gorgeous, and Bec won two ribbons for it  at the Brookfield Show last weekend.  I was so inspired that I bought a Happy Go Lucky jelly roll, and the Hopscotch pattern, to have a go at making it too!  

Kirsten and Jess from the AusModBee came along to Mad Quilters - it was so lovely to see Kirsten again, and to meet Jess - and very happily, they were there at the same time, so met each other too.  It's so great that more and more of us AusModBee-ers have been able to meet up in person.  

Today was all about church, jujitsu grading (wa-hooo orange belts!!) and ironing and cutting more panels, ready for me and Vee to print again tomorrow.  Check out that pile.  And the dusty looking rotary cutter, which in fact is sporting a brand new blade. 

Hope your weekend has been a fun one, and that you're gearing up for a great week.  xoxo cat


  1. It looks amazing! You guys are so talented. I wanted to apologise too for not mentioning you two in my locally grown post the other day, I totally valued out (I obviously need to do a follow up post!) I'm madly jealous you got to meet Kirsten and Jess too - we will have to try to all meet up at the end of the bee or something!

  2. What a beautiful quilt, love the name,conjures up some childhood memories. The fabric line looks super pretty, but I shall refrain from buying more, well just at the moment hahahah. Arent weekends just too short.

  3. So bummed I missed the show, had an impromptu visit from some interstate relatives. Looks like a lot of fun. I am eagerly anticipating camilles new book.... Waiting waiting...

  4. That Hopscotch quilt is beautiful - the ribbons are well deserved!! I contemplating entering something in the Royal Melbourne Show, just not sure what. So glad that Baby wasn't in the corner! haha! x

  5. I love that Baby wasn't put in the corner. What a great display.

  6. Looks amazing. Bet it was fun!


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