Sunday 4 August 2013

.: Care blocks + a house block :.

We've just had the most gorgeous weekend here in Brisbane - low 20s and sun - perfection.  

Just popping in to share some sewing I did during the week.  First up - an Irish Chain block and asterisk  block for Merran, for our Care Circle in do.GoodStitches.  Merran had asked for bright, happy colours - think oranges, pinks, magentas - on a white background for the asterisk; and lime green on white for the Irish Chain. 
{{the asterisk was based on this tutorial, with fabric-size and corner modifications by Merran}}

Here they are together - I really should line up my photos better, especially when taking them on my cutting mat!  All the blocks together will make such a bright, happy quilt.

I had to buy some of Shannon's limited-release Aunty Cookie prints from her Etsy shop - love her designs so much.  I've sewn the girls a house-block each for their quilts (which I've promised to have finished by Christmas ...) - but only remembered to take pics of one block.

{{the measuring tapes are from Shannon's Hipster line with Riley Blake}} 

{{the roof is Prints Charming ... not sure of the bricks and the sky}} 

This week's sewing-plans are to finish my Sweet Pouch Swap for Kara, get started on a few Christmas things, and to make more blocks for the girls' quilts.  What are your sewing-plans for the week?   xoxo cat


  1. You have the yummiest fabrics!! Love your house block! Sewing plans for the week...finish some swap items and buy some lime green solid fabric! ;)

  2. Your blocks are all looking great! The houses are very sweet!

  3. Ooh they are looking gorgeous! My plans are this week is to make a baby gift for a good friend who is due any day!

  4. Very cute and I always love the fabric choices. :)

  5. Ohhhhh I love house blocks, the bricks are perfect, reminds me of kids sitting on the fence as we did at school, just perfect.

  6. You always have the cutest stuff going on!


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