Saturday 17 August 2013

.: Panda Monium :.

We have a new screen-printed Home-ie design to share with you - he's sweet, he's cuddly, he's rockin' a 'xoxo' tattoo and is ready for fun - he's Panda Monium!

We printed Panda Monium for the first time just this past week - in purple and in black, both on natural Essex linen - panels are in the shop now.

We put a call out on instagram, to come up with a name for our gorgeous panda - and Marci suggested Panda Monium - which we both thought was absolutely perfect!  We've sent two panels to Marci as a little 'thank you' for the perfect name.  

This panda was sewn into a cushion for a sweet friend of Vee's oldest and my youngest - the super-awesome birthday party was this afternoon, so it's safe to share pics now.  

Happy weekend to you all.  xoxo cat


  1. So gorgeous! You will have to give me some tips on cushion sewing. Is there a particular tutorial you like to use? xx

  2. Love it! Such a great design and the cushion looks fab!

  3. I love him. Gonna have to have one.


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