Thursday 22 August 2013

.: the sweet pouches have landed :.

Remember the Sweet Pouch Swap sneak peek?  

Just in case you forgot - the Sweet Pouch Swap is a very fun thing to do, where you make a pouch for someone and fill it with sweet treats.  You can choose whether to swap with someone from your own country, or go big and make it international.

Round 1 was hosted by the gorgeous Ros of Sew Delicious - it was a blind swap - meaning you made something for someone, but then someone else made something for you  (this is what I made for Round 1, and this is the gorgeous pouch  + goodies I received from Tammy of Karamat in Texas!).

Round 2 is on now - so sweet pouch packages have been criss-crossing the globe - in fact I'm surprised there hasn't been a news item about the significant increase in sweet-smelling international packages.  Hmmmm.  Anyway.  The lovely Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts hosted this round - a direct swap - and paired me with the fabulous + fun Kara from Me and Elna.  Now that Kara has definitely received my sweet-n-salty package, here are pics. 

The pouch is made from Melody Miller, Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner fabrics - total favourites of mine too.  I figured Kara needed some koala ears and other little goodies in her life, so popped them in with the Cadbury chocs, lollies and the not-sweet-but-very-salty Vegemite.  Kara has promised a video of her trying Vegemite for the first time.  I told her to spread it on a piece of toast VERY thickly, with no butter ....  No I didn't.  Promise.  I said a little bit of butter and then a very thin smear of Vegemite.  Really. 

I so love this gorgeous face - it's Melody's beautiful grandmother.  The book pattern is 'Books for Baby'  in Ayumi Takahashi's 'Patchwork Please'.

And on the back -

And - all filled up and ready to post.

So - on with the excitement - I received Kara's package last Friday! - and then she received my package the very next day! (which I think was also her Friday, but it was already Saturday here ... such is the global nature of our pouch swapping).  And Kara's already written a blog post about it - click across to see a pic of Kara wearing koala ears!  

Look at what I got!! - the most perfect patchwork pouch, made from Jeni Baker's/In Color Order lined drawstring pouch pattern - which I LOVE.  And a really cute fat quarter of fabric I have never seen before.  And a LOT of chocolate - about half of which no longer exists as it's been eaten.  And .... Cincinnati Chili ... which is definitely not sweet to eat ... and I have promised Kara that I will take a video of me trying it for the first time.  If you are on instagram - take a look at #goldstarchili and #cincychili for some amazing chili pics.  I've already worked out all the different weight measurements (pounds/ounces to grams/kilograms), so just need to find a chili-cooking moment, and work out which of the five different recipes to cook ... and fire up a video ... I'm thinking slo-mo.

I really love the fabrics Kara chose for the patchwork - so many gorgeous prints and colours.  And the yellow measuring-tape twill-drawstring is perfection, I love it, and also the cross-word puzzle fabric on the bottom.  Notice how the Butterfinger wrapper up there is opened and empty ... I ate it before thinking to take a pic ... good willpower and self-discipline on show there.  

See the cute zig-zag detail stitching between the patchwork and the fab texty print?  Took me a little while to notice that as I was too busy looking at all the little patches.  Super-fancy and such a sweet little extra detail.  And see the cute little blue-flower fabric up there?  That's by the super-talented Karen of Blueberry Park. I was so happy that Kara included some of Karen's fabrics, she makes such gorgeous stuff. 

I have never even seen this pink and orange lining fabric before - really can't believe it, as pink and orange are a bit of a favourite colour-combo.  You can see the sweet zig-zag stitching in this pic too, isn't it perfection? 

So - that's Round 2 of the Sweet Pouch Swap done for us!  Thanks so much Alyce for coordinating this round, and thanks so much Kara for such a fun and happy swap experience ... though it's not over til the chili and Vegemite videos are live to the world .... stay tuned .... xoxo cat


  1. Eeeek so exciting can't wait for the videos! Both these pouches and gifts are fantastic!!

  2. They are awesome! I posted my parcel today...I hope my partner likes it.

  3. Cincinnati Chili is awesome! It has cocoa in it, and is usually served over spaghetti, with lots of cheese and onions on top. Yum! Miss that from the Midwest. Someday I will try Vegemite--pass by it at the grocery every week in the "international" section--and will remember your suggestion about butter and the thin shmear. ;-) Gorgeous pouches and super-fun swaps!

  4. Such a sweet swap:) Love seeing all of the yummy things they have in different countries!

  5. We were so lucky to get each other!!! I'm a little scared about my first bite of Vegemite... you should to lay it on thick, right? ;) I'll make sure to take and post the "first bite" video! :)

  6. We were so lucky to get each other!!! I'm a little scared to try the Vegemite... but as long as I put it on thick, I should be fine- right? ;) Can't wait to see your chili video!

  7. It's Notting Hill fabric! I love it too.

  8. How lucky are you? Beautiful work, both yours and Kara's.

  9. Gosh seeing these makes me wish I had the courage to ever do a swap, they are just perfect and the added goodies are a wonderful bonus :)

  10. ooh, that looks fun! I'm still waiting for my triple zip purse to arrive, 2 weeks and counting....worst bit about a swap is the waiting and hoping you like it! I would love to recieve what you did, those bags are fab!


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