Wednesday 19 October 2011

Don't drink and sew!

A word of advice AND I know this 'goes without saying'....but unless you intend to cause yourself a small injury .... don't drink and sew.  

It was late(ish) on a Tuesday night (last night in fact) and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to have a glass of red (or two....bottle empty this morning?? whilst I started sewing together some cute retro zip sewing purses.  

All in all it was a very successful sewing session with only a couple of mishaps.

One being my middle finger....which I accidentally ran over with the machine (ouch) and the other two found only this morning on close inspection of my handiwork.....Nothing a quick unpick couldn't fix.

On the upside though......sewing late at night with wine is just way more enjoyable and my finger didn't hurt nearly as much last night as it did when I woke up this morning!

On the downside....have eaten 3 chocolate muffins, a marshmallow chocolate 'fush' and a bag of salt and vinegar 'chups' today. (all before lunch)

Today, however is a new day....a cancelled exercise session (too tired) and couple of coffees this morning (thanks to a rescue coffee pod pack from our girlfriend Evelyn) and I've been sewing up a storm....10 purses finished and now only 50 or so pincushions to make!! much too for my fabulous willpower to commit to 'Octsober'.....I can safely (and sheepishly) say that I lasted all of 2 days. (My mum Marilyn has been a great support commenting on the fact that if I give up wine I just won't be as creative....thanks Mum, wise words)

xoxo vee

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