Wednesday 12 October 2011

:: fabric love ... a confession ... ::

We are trying to slow right down to a halt on the fabric purchasing, given we are both so busy sewing for the upcoming Christmas Market and have plenty of gorgeous fabrics in the cupboard ... however ...

I did see that Sweetwater's Reunion has been released in pre-cuts, and so snapped up a FQ set from this lovely online shop - it arrived overnight, which made me very happy indeed.  I do so love the bunting fabric ... and, as always, the text fabric.

And then I saw Rita's gorgeous quilt using Prints Charming's new Daisy Chain range for Kokka.  Rita very kindly mentioned that Fabricworm had Daisy Chain in stock, so it was a few clicks of the mouse 'til a pink FQ set was in my cart ...

I should confess here that my fabric-purchasing willpower is much weaker than Vee's ... at least now though I'm slowly making a dent in the stash.

Sorry there are no actual pics of these gorgeous new fabrics, but I haven't yet worked out how to post pics from other websites ... a bit of blogging 101 is in order.  But please do click on all the links, so you can have your own little stickybeak at the lovely fabrics.

And so to end with a photo, here's a very fab cushion made by Vee last year and which now graces my lounge - I'm thinking that the segue is "oh deer, did I really buy MORE fabric ...!":

'til next time    xoxo cat

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