Monday 24 October 2011

:: to-do lists, the Queen and mother-guilt ::

Oh I am loving the sewing, since I am finally FINISHING some things, rather than being ALMOST THERE on a whole heap of things.  I so love ticking things off the 'to do' list - how good is it to cross things off a list?

Today I've finished five little zip-pouches, which will live their lives happily as homes for our sewing kits (and I've 'almost finished' another five):

My favourite so far is the little Heather Ross girl playing with horses.  Check out the lining:

Are you making the connection?  Stay with me.  Horses + rodeo kid? Oh yes, love it.

And I've finished 30 little drawstring bags for our fancy-that made by mee jewellery kits:

Look at that stack piled high on the Bernina.  Oh, so high. 

Despite this sewing-high, I am feeling a tiny bit of mother-guilt that I didn't take the kids and sit on the riverbank for hours on end to catch a glimpse of the Queen and Prince Phillip as they rode along the river to Southbank ... a historical opportunity wasted, and all for the sake of ticking things off my list.  How will that conversation go in years to come: - 

Adult child: "oh Mum, could we REALLY have seen the Queen when she made her 16th (and possibly last) visit to Australia?!?"

Elderly Mum: "well yes, we COULD have gone and seen the Queen in her very lovely pistachio coat, but I was busy sewing".  

Whose side will you be on?  I do love the Queen and think she has amazing stamina, but I just didn't make the effort today.  I was busy at the Bernina. 

To my credit, I DID watch the live Channel 9 coverage of the Queen today, while I was sewing. But I don't think that will stack up as an excellent argument in my defense. 

What did you do today?  Did you see the Queen?  Or did you cross things off your list ...

' til next time    xoxo cat

Edited to add: mother-guilt?  what mother-guilt?  My oldest child, on seeing a news ad on TV just now, of the Queen's visit to Brisbane today, just said "why is everyone flocking to see the Queen?  You can see her on telly."  Thank you and good night. 


  1. love, I went to see the queen. But at Government House. Cos that is where the Courier Mail said she would be. But she wasn't. We weren't the only fools there thank goodness. The Governor drove out while we were standing there and couldn't even wind down her window to tell us we were in the wrong place!


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