Saturday 1 October 2011

made by mee cushiony friend 'Finn McTrickster'

...and last but by no means least! we would like to introduce you to our fifth and final mee cushiony friend.....a total little mischief maker and his name is Finn McTrickster.

Finn McTrickster loves to 'hoon' around on his scooter and skateboard, he enjoys talking (or perhaps the sound of his own voice!) and asking lots of questions.  In his quiet moments, Finn loves to invent wonderful, far-fetched stories to whisper to his made by mee friends Pipsqueak, Millie Mischief, Lisey-Lou and Bela Blue.

Finn McTrickster is one of our limited edition screen printed (on calico) made by mee cushiony friend kits. He comes in his own little drawstring bag, and has been designed for crafty kids aged 8 to 108.

All of the hard work has been done for you.  Inside his little bag, you'll find easy to follow instructions, a patchworked cushion front - already sewn together and ready to embroider, a cushion back, and wool felt and embroidery floss to decorate Finn to your heart's content. For younger kids an adult should be on hand to wield an iron, and to sew Finn together.

Finn McTrickster can be printed in chocolate, orange or grey.

Does the crafty kid in your world have a place in their room for Finn McTrickster? 

Pop across to our little shop and sneak a peak today.

xoxo cat&vee

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